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Taking Pictures of Jewellery Designs

Something I’ve been enjoying the results of is my collection of pictures of my work over the last few years. I take pictures of my fancier necklaces and collect them in a folder. The only sorting is by year really.

Now I get to look through the designs and get to see how favorite designs, color ideas, sources of inspiration and my changes in my styles and skills.

As I sell my jewelry the pictures are the only samples and record of my work so it’s been like visiting old friends this week going through my design folder. It’s a really good thing to do, take pictures as you go and save them away.

I do this too with my other creations but I don’t sell them so it is more to see them when they were first made but it is useful for the quilts and embroidery I’ve given away as presents.

See my jewellery designs online at Creatively Belle


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