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Tasmanian Craft Fair here I come!

Deloraine, Tasmania, celebrates arts and crafts with the Tasmanian Craft Show in October each year

Well I’ve done it! I’ve got myself a booking into a beautiful art and craft design studio in Deloraine for the Tasmanian Craft Fair in October!

It came down to initiative and stubborn determination to give it a go and delightfully it worked.

Now all I have to do is get accommodation and book my car on the ferry but that’s all possible too. But I do have Anna booked for The Rocks Markets so we’ll be there and I have the cat/house-sitter booked too.

Here’s the official word…

Australia’s premier arts and crafts event, the Tasmanian Craft Fair, will be held during the weekend of October 29-November 1, 2010. Spread over 13 different venues in the picturesque township of Deloraine in northern Tasmania, about 200 exhibitors will display their finest wares and share their techniques in this annual event.

This year will see the introduction of Gourmet Festival, focussing on hand-made products, demonstrations and tastings.

I have fellow stall holders from The Rocks Markets who go each year and love the creative atmosphere and good will. I’m so excited about it all!

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