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Tasmanian Inspiration

I’m just back from a quick trip down to beautiful Tasmania and I’m all refreshed and inspired!

It was a spur of the moment decision when I saw airfares at amazingly cheap rates and I’m so glad I did it.

I returned to Cradle Mountain for a 3 day visit with a walk around Dove Lake on day one in perfect autumn weather.

The next day I went off on the Marion Lookout walk and discovered the magical Cradle Falls and Cradle Lake – also with it’s own boat shed.

It started lightly snowing on the way up then broke into wonderful sunshine just as the lake came into view.

Autumn colours at Cradle Mountain

By Cradle Lake

And then it snowed…

Snow at Dove Lake Boat Shed

Snow at Dove Lake Boat Shed

We were taking in the view at the saddle of the ridges just before heading up to Marion’s Lookout and a snow storm came tearing through.

It was my first snow storm and I loved it! Hunkering down to make myself as small as possible on the lee of the viewing platform I was thinking I must be nuts to be so thrilled by being caught in a snow storm kilometres away from shelter!

But I had the right clothes on – even thermals and wet weather gear – to be warm and try. I figured it was like one of those summer down pours in Sydney – rage for 5 – 10 minutes then disappear and that’s exactly what happened, leaving the landscape in a dusting of snow.

Over night was a different thing.

The next morning I went out to find 5 – 10 cm of snow on the ground. I got ready so quickly I left heads turning as I dashed into the park up to Dove Lake to crunch through snow to take photos of the beloved boat shed.

I was like an excited 6 year little girl in a grown woman’s body and the ability to do what I wanted – shear joy!

 I love Tasmania. I drive friends and family nuts talking about it. I’m trying to figure out a way for me to head back down for the Tasmanian Craft Show at Deloraine in October. I’ll figure something out! I’ll be back!

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