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Tax Free Shopping Items for Longer than This Weekend

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This weekend a selection of American states are having tax-free shopping. Well shopping online here at Creatively Belle is tax free for all American states, all year round (and it’s legal)!

The Yahoo Buzz has it all covered with their topic:

We all love to take any tiny opportunity to stick it to The Man. This weekend’s brief overthrow of sales tax in select states affords proud Americans the opportunity to buy even more stuff they don’t need. We kid, but we’re sure sneaky shoppers will use the tax break for reasons other than the intended back-to-school supplies.

Searches on “tax free weekend” are up 112% over the past week as shoppers plan border runs on states offering the purchase perk. For those curious about where to head to participate in this “sales tax holiday,” we dug up an informative USA Today article with a full breakdown of participating states. Buzz shows the Lone Star state is due for an influx of bargain buyers, with searches on “texas tax free weekend” leading the parade of states—up 86% this week.

With 14 states ditching sales tax this weekend, searches are all over the map. We’ve seen large spikes on “georgia tax free weekend,” “north carolina tax free weekend,” and “tennessee tax free weekend.” Other related queries buzzin’ up from the bargain bin include: “tax free holiday,” “tax free days,” “tax free shopping,” “tax free school shopping,” and “tax free items.” Just beware of sharp elbows as you browse the racks, because this weekend promises to be wild at the checkout line.

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