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Ten Ideas About Making Redundancy Packages Work

Blue earrings by Creatively BelleOne of the things I really enjoy about markets are the times when I get to talk with interesting new people that I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet normally. It’s happened a few times lately and the conversation has come around to finding ways to explore a new life, a new path for work and living. Part of the reason I have these conversations is because I’ve successfully made this happen. I’ve left the corporate world and now have a self-sustaining creative business. Another reason is it’s always fascinating to find out what people are doing and how they are enjoying what’s in their lives.

From conversations last weekend I’ve got to thinking there are more people around at the moment who have taken payout packages and have the opportunity to look around their lives with an interested eye, to assess what’s happening, consider what they would like in their lives and compare the two. This gives the chance to see if there’s something different that they want in life.

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