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Here is a collection of testimonials from Creatively Belle customers.

“I bought my first pair of Creatively Belle earrings about 3 years ago and every time I wore them, people would comment on how lovely they were.

Drop earrings by Creatively Belle” Then about a year later I had a ball to attend and bought a pair of exquisite Czech glass earrings and matching necklace, they really completed my outfit without costing the earth.

“In a recent quest to buy a good friend the perfect present I sent her a set of earrings and necklace, she adores them and likes the fact that she’s wearing something that is handcrafted. With such unique and beautiful designs I have become a Creatively Belle collector.”

Libby Heasman, Atlanta, GA, USA

“I originally bought your earrings at Bondi markets and came back to buy my presents to take home to Sussex. They have all been such a success, there is nothing like them here and we all love having something different.

Click to see more of the dangle earrings ranges“I must confess that I had hesitations when going to order more over the net but you made it so easy Belinda that I’m now placing another order for Mother’s Day and there will be more to come.

“I think it is the little flowers inside the beads that are like magic that makes them so special. I’ve never seen glass beads catch the light so well. The flowers are fascinating. And like you, when I’m wearing my fancy triple bracelet, I can’t help but play with it, rolling the beads. And I love the beautiful clasp too. I wear it all the time. I thought I’d only wear it going out but I find I’m wearing it all the time now.

“I know you’ll succeed with your dreams for Creatively Belle and your sea change in life because you are putting in all the hard work and making it so easy for us who have fallen in love with your designs. All the best Belinda and keep me up to date with your new designs.”

Heather O’Hare, Sussex, England

“I just love earrings………and was so excited about 18 months ago whilst visiting Sydney to stumble across a market stall at Bondi selling lots of gorgeous earrings and jewellery (and at such reasonable prices). I came back to Melbourne with my lovely purchases and had so many friends admiring them that I began ordering more earrings for myself and friends via email. How easy the whole shopping experience is – the only hard part is trying to limit myself! I am now the proud owner of at least half a dozen different styles and colours of earrings from Creatively Belle and definitely won’t be stopping at this!”

Kylie, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

Click here to see our earring holder range online“It happened, I actually changed my earrings! yes, I’d been wearing the same old trusty pair for years and never changed them. Then I was given a new pair for Christmas and put them on to please my husband. I got so many compliments all day – even from dad! I loved it. I kept on with them and kept on getting told how beautiful they are.

“My husband is so pleased with himself for getting the perfect present. He even got me the matching necklace and bracelet for Valentine’s Day. I now have 3 complete sets and wear them all the time. It’s great having a choice and wear something different. If you asked me last Christmas whether my husband could pick jewellery for me I would have laughed, now I know better.”

Kate Russo, Mosman, NSW, Australia

“I love my earrings, they’re just so feminine.

“I love always getting compliments when I wear my Creatively Belle jewellery. I’m always being asked where I got such unusual jewellery sets from.”

Kelly Wilson, Melbourne, Vic, Australia

“All the girls in the office now have Belinda’s fancy jewellery. We all check out who’s got what and what’s new.

“Belinda is lovely and her designs are gorgeous. She is so easy to do business with – friendly, helpful and trustworthy. I highly recommend both Belinda and her jewellery!”

Sue Ng, Sydney, NSW, Australia

“I feel so pretty when I’m wearing your jewellery Belinda. I wear them to work, dinner, everywhere. I work with all men in a construction company and even the guys say how nice they are! One guy has even bought a set for his girlfriend and she loves them. He said you were great with helping him pick them out and the gift bag was also perfect. Well done Belinda, keep up all the good work!”

Kerri Thomas, Manly, NSW, Australia

“I don’t know which is better, the stylish jewellery or all the compliments I get everytime I wear them!

“I’m your biggest fan Belinda, I have now 14 pairs of earrings, 6 necklaces, and 7 bracelets. I’m starting on the brooches next! I love it how you even make pieces to order, I’m certainly getting you to make all my wedding and bridal party jewellery!

Peta Kowiski, Coogee, NSW, Australia

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