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The Basics of Customer Service

This Special Edition newsletter article is about Customer Service.

Customer service can make or break a business, especially a small business. Good customer service is key to bringing back customers and making them repeat customers – the type of customer that lets you build a strong and healthy business.

Poor customer service can mean your business just doesn’t grow.

Good customer service really isn’t that hard, it has a lot to do with having good manners, never getting upset or mad with a customer no matter how rude or snipey they can be, having a smile on your face, even when you’re on the phone and listening carefully to what customers are saying and where they are coming from – are they needing a coffee or do they want to get some ideas first and need advice more than anything else?

I think hard selling is a killer for good customer service because it gets the customer’s back up and they stop trusting you.

Investing in your customers with quality service can mean you don’t get the initial sale but results in them coming back with friends who also end up shopping. I know some of my business friends believe it is best to get a quick sale but I think the repeat sale has greater value because it multiplies – there is more than one of them.

Good customer service is also about communicating with your customers – letting them know what is happening, what changes to business systems and processes are happening with the implementation of new ways of doing things.

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