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The Easy Way to Buy Successful Jewelry Gifts

So you have a jewelry lover in your life and you want to give her (or him) jewelry that will bring them joy and be worn. Have no fear, you can do it and it is easier than you think.

Take the Easy Options

We all have our favorites and like to stick with them. Go with styles and colors that are safe and known. So look what is usually worn and start asking questions about why they are the favorites.

Questions to ask are: that is a lovely piece and you like to wear it, what do you love about it so much? Why do you prefer silver/gold? What do you like with the colors in your favorite jewelry? Just go with the flow with the questions and it can be best done some time before a present giving event like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas etc so you can get prepared.

With earrings most people have preferences for stud earrings, small drop earrings, long earrings, chandelier earrings or light dangle earrings. By looking at what is usually worn you will get a good idea of what are the favorites. Asking why and how the preferences came about will give you a heap of information so you can make a good and informed choice.

With necklaces there are different styles like chains with pendants, beaded necklaces, long necklaces, chokers and the list goes on. Again, by observing and asking you will find out what is loved and why so it is made so much more easier for you.

The same goes for bracelets and rings. Be prepared for that perfect ring to need re-sizing and that is fine.

Looking at the Jewelry Color Themes

Take some time to have a careful look at what colors are in their jewelry wardrobe. The first place to start is to see whether there is a preference for gold or silver. Most people have a favorite so sticking with that is a really safe place to start.

Next is to look to the colors themselves. Each color has a broad tonal range and we each tend to have a favorite tone within that. So if you see a lot of blue look to what sort of blue – is it sapphire blue or turquoise blue? If there are more sapphire blue and hardly any turquoise blue then you have your guide. The same idea goes for all the colors.

You might see what seems to be a lot of different colors but there will be a theme running through it. Say you know there is a preference for pendant necklaces in silver with lots of colors then get a pendant with multicolored gemstones set in silver.

If you feel somewhat challenged by color and how you see it get her to describe the type of color she likes and use that as your shopping guide.

Going with Sentimental Meaning

Often favorite jewelry is loaded with sentimental value. Each piece of jewelry has the capacity for meaning. That is why birthstone jewelry is so popular and can be an easier place for you to start for birthday presents.

There are many symbols used in jewelry too. Like Butterflies are for Freedom and Transformation, Dragonflies are for Positive Change, Ladybirds are for Good Luck so you can choose something that shows your love and support with the jewelry too that will give it extra sentimental meaning.

Any jewelry given by a loved one always has special meaning because it does show their love for us and with care taken to see the preferred choices and interest to ask why and how favorites came around will empower you to make the perfect choice.

The Power of Listening

You might find that the best gift for here and now is the gift of choice. Maybe a gift voucher from their favorite jewelry store is the thing she craves the most. You can make a day of it with lunch or dinner, a trip to the jewelry store and a bunch of roses could be the most romantic and memorable present for right now.

It can be just as much fun to go jewelry shopping online together for the jewelry her eye is on. Getting parcels in the mail is great fun and you can have them sent to work or home.

By asking and listening the desires, preferences and stories you will be able to make the right choice and become famous for being able to get the best presents! So happy gift shopping and keep faith, you can give joy and delight with the right presents.
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