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The Excitement of Being Featured

Being featured in one of your favourite creative magazines is turning into one of the highlights of my year, especially as I’ve been able to share it with my mum during a really difficult time with my much treasured dad going through serious surgery.

My mum, Helen Stinson, is a very talented creative woman who loves working with natural fibres with spinning, weaving and knitting. So for mum, seeing her daughter featured in the Textile Fibre Forum magazine it is a big thing and she’s very proud of me. I love feeling mum’s pride in me.

The beautiful cover of the Textile Fibre Forum Magazine that features Creatively Belle

The Lace Imprint Porcelain Bird Necklace featured in Textile Fibre Forum magazine

Loving Creativity

This opportunity came about by a chance meeting with the vibrant editor Neroli Henderson at The Rocks Markets when she fell in love with the lace imprint lace bird long necklace and she gave one a  new home.

Captivating organic shapes and textures with the lotus seed pod and poreclain pendant

Celebrating organic shapes and textures with the lotus seed pod and poreclain pendant

We got talking and connected online and from these small steps the story came about.

Even though I’m a writer by training, it really isn’t an easy thing to put myself forward with magazine stories. I’m sure this is a normal feeling for most artisans and artists so having local independent publications actively seeking to tell the stories of us creative creatures is really important. Creative blogs are also a great way for inspiring tales to be shared but I think the pleasure of being able to hold a magazine in your hands and share it with others so easily will always have that extra special element to it.

Sharing Inspiring Artist Stories

The edition of Textile Fibre Forum I am featured in is all about telling the stories of inspiring artists from around the world, across cultures and generations and all connected with the textile medium.

While I work in Southern Ice Porcelain my Peace bird necklaces and brooches are created using lace imprint in the clay then finished with a sensual clear glaze I find it fascinating how others are inspired.

Each of us featured in this edition have our own ways of working with a variety of textiles such as the amazing Amanda McCavour of Canada with her ethereal embroideries, the whimsical Manica Musil,  and the contemplative collector and embroider Cindy Steiler with her thought providing creations to mention just a few.

Caring Creative Communities

It’s the sharing of stories and insights that can contribute so strongly to fostering supportive creative communities, and it from these spaces we can all grow as artists and artisans.

This story in Textile Fibre Forum magazine is also giving me the confidence to connect with others in my community to make some creative collaborations I’ve been thinking on start to happen.

Hand craft porcelain necklace

Textural and Alluring

Making Lace Together

Another wonderful thing that came from sharing this story with  mum was discussing my idea of designing and creating my own lace patterns to imprint into the clay. I’ve been thinking around this for over a year and mum is now helping me explore how to make lace ourselves, because, of course, mum knows how to make lace as it turns out!

A Big Thank You

I want to finish by saying a great big thank you to Neroli for loving my work and including me in her beautiful magazine. Neroli’s passion for originality and creativity is clear to see through her own textile artistry, editing and online curating. It is editors like Neroli who keep telling the stories of artisans and artists within our communities and it makes a real difference. So heart felt thanks Neroli for this wonderful opportunity.

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