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The Internet Generation

Hey there,

I have the radio on while I work and heard an interesting discussion about the I Generation, I for Internet.

They are born from 1980 and have grown up with the internet being just as normal part of life as the babyboomers and co grew up with the phone being a normal part of life.

So to the I Generation shopping online is fine. They don’t have the concerns older generations may have about shopping online. Those born in the first years of the 1980’s are now coming into their own with spending power being in their mid-20’s.

I know with my customers my 20’s and 30’s year olds are pretty quick with technology with music played at jewellery parties coming from iPods, through laptops and speakers with excellent quality.

So have a think with your online business. Is it I Generation friendly? How about talking with some friends and family of that age and see what they think and want.


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