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The Lazy Way to Heal a Sprained Ankle

Hey there,

Off to the doctors today I went to find out when I could get back to normal with my sprained ankle and what a great visit it was! Heaps of praise for looking after the sprained ankle so well with the rest at the very beginning and the generous use of arnica.

So I should have completely normal use of it this time next week! So that is really just a two week recovery time for a moderately sprained ankle.

I’ve been asking everyone if they’ve sprained their ankle and how long it took for them to heal and I’ve only heard horror stories of it being weeks and weeks, even months but always they kept going when it initially happened and didn’t rest it in those first few days. So that resting it for 2 - 3 days makes weeks of difference in the healing!

I dealt with the itchy healing stage with a natural moisturiser with lavender in it to sooth and that did the job so no more waking up at stupid hours trying to satisfy a frustrating itchy foot!

So my recommendation is to let your body rest as soon as possible so it can heal as quickly as possible. You save so much more time and effort this way that solidering on. 

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