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The Luxury of Being Right

Hey there,

On Sunday morning over breakfast with the family I found myself feeling deeply contented and self-satisfied all because I was enjoying the luxury of being right.

I was in the midst of the Living Arts and Crafts Expo at Ulladulla, a 3 day indoor event. It was raining and miserable outside and I was still able to make a living from going to the indoor expo.

I’d booked in to the expo on a wing and a prayer as a back up plan for the outdoor Milton Scarcrow Festival for the weekend as I’d be traveling 3 hours each way and last time I did that I’d been rained out of my outdoor festival.

So I was delighted when I was accepted for the expo and my outdoor festival. But when the weather changed and the rain settled in and the outdoor festival was washed out I was grinning because my back up plan was working!

It dawned on my over Sunday breakfast how often in life you’re not quite right, you might get quite a bit right, just not all of it. To have three days of showcasing and selling your designs to a friendly regional community in a safe and dry environment when it is wet and windy outside with boats being blown ashore it does feel luxurious.

So the lesson from all of this – have your back up plans and enjoy the good grace of saying thank you, especially when you’re enjoying the luxury of being right!

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