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The Power Of Keeping A Gratitude Diary

Creatively Belle dangles - pink earrings that sparkleThe power of saying Thank You can be often over looked when really it should be a daily action. We ensure our littlies say thank you so they are accustom to good manners with others but what about saying thank you to the universe and God?

I’ve been keeping a Gratitude book where I write down what I’m thankful for. I start each page with “I’m so thankful for…” and while I write it I say it with my heart.

What makes it powerful is saying it from the heart and saying it is often. It’s all connected to the laws of attraction – you bring to you what you focus on. So when you give thanks for good things you’re bringing more of the same into your life.

I give thanks for health, happiness, love, my business, lifestyle, family, friends – all the good things I want to have in my life.

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