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The Return of West Wing

Hey there,

As a West Wing fan I’m delighted that the series is returning to tv with a station that seems to be going to respect it and its viewers – the station’s customers.

I never did understand why Channel 9 was willing to treat A1 customers with such disdain with the constant changes in screening times and days – even going to the trouble of putting on back to back yet forgetting to inform customers/viewers with screening updates.

So I’ve been boring people with my sheer joy of it returning but coming to the ABC with the hope the show and the customers will be respected and it will have a regular time slot that isn’t too late(Thursday 9.30pm).

But why is the show so loved? For me it is about the people doing the best they can and being human enough to fail sometimes. It is about having an attempt at an honest examination of a nation of people who have so much influence – and sometimes it isn’t so pretty, sometimes it is very impressive.

Anything that is about people reaching beyond themselves to live life fully and are willing to go that bit further, even if it means falling over sometimes always impresses me.

It is hard to bring such qualities into ones daily life but it is what’s necessary if positive change is to be part of life.

So have a watch of the West Wing with an open heart and don’t worry if some of the political conversations run away from you, you’ll develop the skills for them with experience – just as with anything – and add value to your daily life. 🙂

With sheer delight and happy anticipation,


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