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The Secret Gemstone Meanings of Jewelry Color Trends for Fall and Winter

There is much to celebrate with the upcoming fall and winter season in jewelry trends with an explosion of colors for the cold weather wardrobe to lift the spirits, so it will be a hot season for lovers of jewelry.

Yellow is the most surprising color trend for the fall & winter season so the gemstones to watch out for to keep you on top of the seasonal jewelry trends are:

  • Citrine: a warming and energizing stone that is great for creativity and intuition.
  • Yellow topaz: a soothing, healing and regenerating stone that promotes forgiveness and truth.
  • Amber: is great for healing and cleansing, for bringing positive attitudes to the fore with vitality.
  • Chrysoberyl: a stone for new beginnings, creativity and seeing both sides of a question or problem.

A great counter point color for yellow is the ever popular shades of purple that will be highlighted this fall & winter jewelry designs with complimenting tones of pink. The gem stones to include in your jewelry wardrobe include:

  • Pink Diamonds: a stone for love, commitment and fidelity.
  • Amethyst: a stone that brings balance and clarity to troubled times.
  • Pink Topaz: a vibrant stone for healing, soothing, true and good health.
  • Rose Quartz: the stone of love of all kinds it is generous and caring.
  • Fluorite: a stone for reconnecting to our sense of inner peace and tranquility.
  • Rhodonite: for emotional balance, community brotherhood by nurturing love.
  • Pink Pearl: are for love, faith, trust and fidelity.

Another hot pick for your fall and winter jewelry wardrobe is the ever popular color blue with it staying in style to make all us lovers of blue happy. So look for jewelry designs with:

  • Sapphires: are stones of wisdom with blue sapphires being for seekers of spiritual truth.
  • Lapis Lazuli: is a stone for lifting sadness and inspiring positive thoughts, self-confidence and self-expression.
  • Blue Jade: is good for healing conflicts with its balancing and calming influences.
  • Aquamarine: is for creating emotional understanding in a calm environment.
  • Blue Topaz: particularly for soothing and healing that leads to trust and generosity.
  • Turquoise: is great for improving communication and expression while also being good for balance and calmness.
  • Blue Opals: are stones that teach the lesson that what you put out you get back as it is absorbent and reflective.
  • Blue Moonstones: a stone that helps reach our intuition and the nurturing parts of our natures.

The popular fall & winter color trends also include the favorite and classic black. It is a wardrobe favorite with how easy it is to wear and never really goes out of style so go for:

  • Jet: worn traditionally for protection and in the quest for spiritual enlightenment.
  • Black Onyx: a stone about giving strength during turbulent and challenging times.
  • Black Diamonds: a stone for love, commitment and fidelity black diamonds are simulated stones.
  • Black pearls: are for love, faith, trust and fidelity.

Keeping with traditional favorites with the fall & winter color trends the perennial hues of pumpkin, silky gray, chocolate brown will have you in style and on trend so go for:

  • Tiger’s Eye: is great for bringing positive attitudes and providing optimism and self-assurance.
  • Smoky Quartz: a grounding stone that helps lift negative moods and calms anxieties.
  • Cinnabar: the stone for attracting abundance.

So bringing the meanings of crystals through precious and semi-precious gemstone jewelry will keep you on top of the seasonal jewelry trends as well as tenderly taking care of the spirit.

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