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The Secret Language of Flowers Part 1

Hey there,

I find it amazing that there are hidden or coded messages that everyday objects take on to communicate love and friendship from the Victorian days.

Here’s the code to the Secret Language of flowers:

Angelicia = Inspiration

Baby’s Breath = Everlasting Love

Bluebell = Constancy

Buttercup = Cheerfulness

Daffodil = Respect

Daisy = Innocence

Fern = Sincerity

Forget Me Not = True Love

Heather = Admiration

Hyacinth = Play

Iris = faith

Ivy = Friendship

Jasmine = Amiability

Lavender = Devotion

Lily = Beauty

Lily of the Valley = Sweetness

The list goes on so I’ll have it in an entry tomorrow – part 2!

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