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The Secret Language of Flowers Part 2

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The Victorians are renouned for their restrictions and this applied just as much with communication as anything. So the Secret Language of Flowers developed. The study of the meaning of flowers is an actual science and is known as floriography, and it reveals an additional meaning to sending or receiving flowers – subtle and secret messages that can be communicated with different flowers. Here’s part 2 of our listing of the meanings for flowers:

Magnoli = Nobility

Marigold = Comfort

Myrtle = Love

Pansy = Thoughts

Peach = Longevity

Peony = Aphrodisiac

Petunia = Soothing

Poppy = Imagination

Primrose = Youth

Rose = Love

Rosemary = Rememberance

Sage = Long Life

Strawberry = Perfect

Sweet Pea = Departures

Sweet William = Gallantry

Tulip = Fame

Violet = Modesty

Zinnia = Affection

So if a friend gives you a posie of flowers with Ferns, bluebells, bettercups, daffodils, hyacinth, iris, lavender, poppies, pansies and roses you’d be doing pretty well!

When you’re giving flowers what will you want to communicate with them?

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