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The Secrets of Planning Your Wedding with a Color Theme

When it comes to planning a wedding it is really easy to be initially daunted because of a lack of experience as most of us only organize a wedding once or twice in our lives. So where to start is the most common question. Being organized is the first step to planning a successful wedding. Being organized means you know where to spend your money and how much so it saves you from costly mistakes.

With all the excitement of announcing the engagement and wedding is important to take some time out to figure out what you want. (Click READ MORE)

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A Wedding For the Bride and Groom

It is important for the wedding to reflect the personalities and styles of the bride and groom so that it coordinates their life together as a newly wed couple. So figure out what type of wedding you have both envisaged for yourselves. One might have stronger preferences that the other, there might be a very shared vision or there may need to be finding a new look that may initially seem like a compromise but is really the starting of a new definition of two souls coming together and creating something unique together.

Setting a Wedding Date

By setting a wedding date you will find the choice of color for the wedding theme will be easier to make. Often you need to look at a few possible wedding dates to see what works best for you, family, work, budgets, venue availability and personal preferences.

Color for the Wedding

Choosing a color theme for the wedding event helps you create a consistent look and feel for the event, the bridal party gowns, wedding jewelry, table decorations, bridal shoes, wedding invitations, wedding reception, wedding favors and makes it all so much easier.

Color themes can be based on favorite colors, seasonal tones for spring, summer, fall or winter, symbolic colors such as red for passion, green for new starts etc, black and white for dramatic contrast, silver or gold for simple elegance – the choice is open to your own style and wishes.

Working with Color

When you are working with color in design you will find it is much easier when you have a collection of colors or tones to work with. So you can either have a palate of colors that compliment or contrast with each other or you can use a monochrome theme with the help of a color wheel.

If you choose one color as the core theme for the wedding you can include lighter or darker variants of the color. For example you can have a forest green tone you can support it with lighter and darker tones on either side of it with a counter point of ivory. With a color wheel you can easily see what are the companion tones for the key color you have decided on.

A color wheel also helps with working with complementing and contrasting colors too. If you are having a seasonally based wedding color theme such as spring then you will find that colors like mint green, lavender, blush pink, pale blue and peach can be worked together with a counter point of white or ivory to to give you a broader palate

Colorwheels are easily found at art shops and they are lots of fun to play with.

Wedding Planning Book

As a jewelry designer I love it when brides come to me with a book or folder with samples of the fabrics and pictures of the dresses for me get a firm idea of what they need from their wedding jewelry. Creating bridal party jewelry based on colors and styles is much easier and faster. Having samples ready for designers makes it much easier to have the right colors matched quickly too.

The best wedding planning folders and books I have seen are organized into sections such as wedding theme basics – this includes colors and theme ideas, bridal party, church, wedding reception, invitations and guest lists, wedding cake, transport, photography and filming, accommodation for guests, wedding budget, flowers, makeup and hair, entertainment, honeymoon information, and general.

Having a Wedding Planner book also makes for a long lasting treasure that shows how it all came together.

Having a Beautiful Wedding

Choosing a color theme for your wedding simplifies the range of choices you are initially faced with. Having a wedding that reflects the personalities of the bride and groom makes for a successful wedding. So no matter whether you choose a range of colors or a monochrome color theme you want the effect to showcase your identity as a couple.

Best wishes and good luck on your Wedding and your life together.

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