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The Strength Of Small Business Flexibility

Small and medium businesses have a great advantage in their ability to be flexible.

A smaller business can usually adapt more quickly to changing circumstances than a large corporation, especially if the business owner or manager has the ability to see opportunities and make them happen.

An example could be the opportunities presented with the horrible heat wave conditions in southern Australia in the last month.

The power grid has failed on a number of times, leaving families and businesses without power for air conditioners and fridges.

The opportunity here is for the solar energy businesses to step up with an intelligent marketing campaign that solves this problem – with your own solar power source you can keep your energy supplies going and responsibly power your air conditioner – plus there’s incentives from the government to help it all along.

A smaller business will have a much easier time quickly seizing the opportunity of current events than a huge power company – who wouldn’t want to be highlighting their weaknesses to already disgruntled customers.

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