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The Value of the Newsletter

Hey there,

As many of you know I send out a lovely free monthly and specials newsletter show casing my latest designs, market news and the ever popular Sea Change article.

The newsletter lets us stay in contact with each other, letting you forward it on to friends and families ( a great way to let loved ones know where to find great presents for you as we all like to give gifts that hit the spot) and find out the latest news and designs.

For any business communicating regularly with valued customers is vital for success. For me I want my business built by customers who come back for repeat purchases, I want to build strong and healthy relationships with my customers so I have a strong and healthy business.

A newsletter helps me communicate not only details about my business but tips on how to build your own successful small business. I do this not only because I enjoy it (I’m a writer by trade) but also because I like being part of a community of other people creating something special for themselves and their families.

I publish the Sea Change articles so you can visit the area Small
Business Tips

In each newsletter the Free Competition winner of the $50 Gift Voucher is announced – even if I do a special edition newsletter so sometimes there are multiple winners per month.

The competition winner gets to pick $50 worth of jewellery from either online in the Design Gallery, at markets or jewellery parties.

If you want to check out the word on Creatively Belle Jewellery Parties I have testimonials available too.

Here is one of the sparkling Limited Edition Necklaces with matching earrings to delight you. For a necklace to be part of the Limited Edition range it is one of 6, but usually there are only 3 or 4 of the one design made. This lets you have something special and lets me keep designing.

So come play at Creatively Belle online today and join the Newsletter community.  🙂

Smiles and Many thanks,


Creatively Belle

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