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The Wind and the Surf

We’ve been working diligently away for weeks on the redesigning of Creatively Belle online so when I heard there was a big surf up I thought lunch on the Clovely cliffs would be spectacular!

And I was right!

So Taylor and I headed off to Clovely and ran around (literally, just like kids) in the wind and sea spray reveling in the vast energy of a running swell crashing huge waves onto the cliffs.

It was exhilarating and energising – just wonderful.

We went past a retirement village bus with a charming old lady waving vigorously at us – obviously wishing she could be out of the bus and being buffeted by the wind like us.

At least the nursing home had done an impromptu trip to the cliffs to give them the chance to watch the rolling seas. I kind of imagine myself in 50 years being that little old lady cheering on the young women playing in the wind and sea spray.

We went off next to the Women’s Pool at Coogee to revel in the crashing waves making a white roiling mass of the pool.

I love this pool. It’s my warm weather indulgence and reward for working hard. It makes me love Sydney even more.

And today’s visit was the first time I’ve seen it being smothered by waves.

I’ve been in there with a rising high tide and thoroughly enjoyed having waves crash down on me but today was completely different.

There wasn’t a chance I was getting in there with so much white water and the power of the waves crashing in. But it was exhilarating watching it all.

So then we went off for milkshakes to wash away the salt and back Creatively Belle HQ to settle into more work.

I’m so glad we headed out to play in the wind and sea spray!

One Response to The Wind and the Surf

  1. Pam 10 August 2010 at 12:58 am #

    So nice to reward yourselves with a little playtime. What better way to get the creative juices flowing!
    The website looks awesome.

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