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Top 12 TV Shows on DVD

Hey there,

I’m learning most of my customers think of me as being quite a girlie girl given the style of jewellery I design and make but I’m not really. I love playing pool, backgammon (recently discovered internet backgammon and am spending too much time playing it this week!), watching aircraft war movies (12 O’Clock High is a fav), am planning on going to the EAA Flyin at Oshkosh 2007 for the B-17’s and then onto Chicago for the Art Institute – so not your regular girl. But who is really?

All the women I’m friends with have varied aspects to their personalities and what brings them joy.

But getting back to the point of this entry, Battlestar Galatica, of course! Here in Sydney Channel 10 is finally airing season 2 but at a way stupid timeslot. So I have my local DVD shop sorted for a copy of Season 2 on Wednesday 16th – next week! Goodie Gumdrops! But just checking out Yahoo Buzz and look what I found, Season 3 coming out in the USA soon! Season 4 is in production – happy days! Click here for the BSG blog:

Here’s what Yahoo Buzz has to say:

Here are the top 12 TV on DVD release date searches right now, along with the date the box set is supposed to hit store shelves…

  1. Smallville: Season 5 (9/12)
  2. Lost: Season 2 (9/5)
  3. 24: Season 5 (TBD)
  4. The OC: Season 3 (10/24)
  5. Alias: Season 5 (TBD)
  6. Battlestar Galactica: Season 3 (TBD)
  1. One Tree Hill: Season 3 (9/26)
  2. The Shield: Season 5 (TBD)
  3. Gilmore Girls: Season 6 (9/19)
  4. Third Watch: Season 1 (TBD)
  5. The L Word: Season 3 (10/24)
  6. Sopranos: Season 6 (TBD)

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