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Hey there,

One of the unexpected but most welcome surprises I’m enjoying from the jewellery parties are the yummy collections of cakes and nibbles.

I’m a decent cook (this is a secret I’ve kept from general knowledge with only a few people getting to learn about this) but I’m nowhere near the skills of many of my jewellery party hostesses!

What I find even more amazing is the decoration of these delicious cakes with yummy icing and toppings. Some of the detail in flowers and scroll work takes me back to my childhood and the church fetes with their tables full of cakes that sold so quickly.

The wonderful cakes and nibbles shows the natural talents of the hostesses – everyone is talented with something (this is what I consol myself with – I can make jewellery – they can make delicious cakes!).

So why not try something new and try out a new recipe and have a jewellery party?

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