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Top searchs for weight loss programs

Hey there,

I’ve been really enjoying the results of getting out most days for about an hour’s doing – walking or yoga usually. I’m sleeping better, I’m working more effectively and enjoying things more.

The trick about making positive change is to have a longer view, say 12 months, and working kindly towards it. Don’t beat the crap out of yourself when you have a human slip up. What counts is getting back on track and making it a consistent change until it becomes a habit.

So when I saw on the Yahoo Buzz an article about “Shedding Summer Pounds” it caught my interest. Here are their top searchs for weight loss programs:

  1. Weight Watchers
  2. South Beach Diet
  3. Atkins Diet
  4. LA Weight Loss
  5. Diabetic Diet
  6. Cabbage Soup Diet
  7. 3-Day Diet
  8. eDiets
  9. Low Carb Diet
  10. Lemonade Diet
  1. Zone Diet
  2. Gout Diet
  3. Blood Type Diet
  4. Sonoma Diet
  5. Detox Diet
  6. Grapefruit Diet
  7. Vegan Diet
  8. Mayo Clinic Diet
  9. Abs Diet
  10. Low Cholesterol Diet

But maybe the wisest option is to create a balanced diet for yourself and if you need some guidence go to a local dietian and get their help to plan your solution. 🙂

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