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Top Winning Competition Tips!

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One of the things that has surprised me the most about running competitions is the quality of handwriting I’ve come across. So many people put themselves instantly out of the race by how they write their details down.

If the competition managers can’t read the handwriting then the name and contact details are useless because winners can only be notified if their contact details can be read. (very simple!)

The number of times people have said to me when writing down their details for the competition “oh I never win competitions” and their details can’t be read so they can’t be contacted even if they do win.

If you want to win competitions get ahead of the crowd, slow down and write clearly. This will put you miles ahead of the pack.

If you’re writing an entry then use sentences, punctuation and syntax. If you can’t be bothered to use proper grammar then why should you be picked over someone who does? If you write in txt then why should the competition judges be expected to understand what you are saying? If you want to impress to win then stick to the basics of writing properly and clearly. It will put you ahead of at least 80% of the other entries.

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