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Understanding Meta Tags

There seems to be two camps of people when it comes to websites – those who are using them and building their skills with them and those who are spooked by them – or rather the technology – and are missing out on the business opportunities websites can provide.

I want to take away some of the spookiness of the technology by explaining some of the terms. So this article is about the “meta tags” of websites. Here we’ll go through 5 important meta tags:

1. Title – name of the page

2. Key words – the words people search for your website by

3. Locations – the names of the locations important to your business

4. Description – the info shown in search results

5. Distribution – global or local

Meta tags are the behind the scenes info search directories and engines use to select websites to show as results.

So here we’ll go through the top five meta tags you need for your website and give examples of content.

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