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Understanding Website Usability

An easy to use website site is great fun to explore and are often the most successful online businesses.
Usability is about how easy or difficult a website is to use. Generally an easy to use website:

* downloads info and images quickly and easily

* groups info logically

* tells the visitor where they are and what the site is about

It sounds simple enough and it is once the website designer is thinking from the point of view of the visitor. Problems generally happen when sites are made to “look pretty”, or “do this funky thing”. The most successful sites are kept simple and user-friendly (aka kind to visitors).

If a visitor doesn’t like a website they leave and don’t shop. They don’t come back and they don’t refer the website. The site fails and the business owner has spent time and money on a 24/7 marketing tool that simply doesn’t deliver. The solution can be as simple of fixing the ease of use of the site.

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