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Upcycling Furniture for Our New Artisan Gallery

I’ve been having a ball getting ready for my first gallery space making lots of new jewellery designs, figuring out displays and hunting around for fittings.

As I love upcycling and recycling and have a very limited budget for the fit out I’ve been scrounging round for old furniture that would be delighted to have another chance at life as gallery fittings!

So I’ve been learning a heap of new skills too so I can restore the furniture and make it beautiful again.

As the furniture comes from different periods I’m bringing it all together by painting it the same colour – a creamy white.

So I’ve been sanding away, painting and even having to cut down one piece so it can fit – an old 1930’s kitchen cabinet.

Fortunately I’ve had some help from Henry – the fitout carpenter. Henry gave me some lessons with a jigsaw and a circular saw but I must admit, he did most of the cutting because my lines weren’t that straight!

Getting into the upcycling in a big way!

My first lesson with a circular saw! Yay!


Henry was a great help too!

Using upcycled furniture to fit out my artisan jewellery gallery

Helping hand with upcycling from Henry!


As you can see from the photo there’s quite a bit of furniture so I’m doing it in two batches as the garage just isn’t big enough to fit me and a paint can for all of the pieces!

Luckily it turns out I really enjoy all these practical skills – particularly the painting.

Tools needed so far: jig saw, circular saw, hammer, nails, drill and screws, screw drivers, paint and paint brushes, sanding paper, sander, mask so my heyfever doesn’t knock me sideways, goggles for the spray painting of handles – I think that’s about it so far.

We’ll start bumping into the new gallery space next week so we can open for the weekend.

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