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Using Quality Components in Your Craft

Hey there,

I think using quality components in your craft is really important, it is key to the success of a craft project.

When you create something you want it to be the best it can be and that’s based on using quality components and the care you take in creating.

So when you’re using beading components in your work use beauty rather than mediocracy – use Czech glass and crystals – the real things rather than the poor quality Chinese plastic crystal cut beads or glass that breaks (they aren’t cooled slowly enough so the particles become fragile).

Czech glass and crystal is really good quality, in part because they have had competition on their doorstep for centuries and they have competed on quality as well as colour, design, beauty and initiatives.

The new wave of Chinese and Asian beads are siezing opportunity and are only competing on price, not quality or anything that brings out the best.

It is your choice – use afforable and quality focused components or the cheap, nasty things that break and make creations look cheap and nasty. Yes, I am passionate about this because I loathe plastic and crap, quality in design is paramount to making anything good. Why spend time, effort and care on creating something with out using quality components?

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