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Value of Industry Associations

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Many of the industry groups offer members support with specials on products and services with the payback being that members behave ethically and professionally.

Some industry groups or associations have organised discounts for members on such things are merchant services so you pay less for merchant fees for accepting credit cards. Other benefits may include discounts at shops and suppliers, reduced shipping or transport costs, discounts on accommodation around the country, airline discounts, as well as hire car discounts.

Of course one of the most valuable rewards for being part of associations is the networking and mutual support offered by those who know what you’re going through. They can offer advice, recommendations, information about government regulations and much more.

It is always worthwhile exploring what associations are available to you. Ask others already established in your industry, find out abour trade shows and who puts them on – they could tell you who’s who in the industry, look up online or in phone books and of course, read books and see what they recommend.

Industry associations usually have a joining fee and then an annual fee but the benefits of being a member should always out weigh the cost of membership.

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