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Victoria and Albert Museum Jewellery Book – Just Stunning!

I just love books and when I can combine beautiful books with stunning jewellery then I’m in 7th heaven and this gas certainly happen with my latest jewellery book shopping – “jewels and Jewellery” from the V&A by Clare Phillips.

It is a stunning book with fabulous photographs of jewellery from all the different periods from the Middle ages, Renaissances, Antiquity, Empire and all the way through to the 20th century and today.

As well as looking at design styles of particular periods there are great examples of different types from tiaras to lockets to novelties.

The images are simply stunning with the details shown and the colours.

This is a perfect present for anyone who loves quality jewellery and design.

All I want to do now is spend months exploring and playing with the Victoria and Albert Museum’s jewellery collection!

Do enjoy!

Best wishes,

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