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Victory in the Football for Australia!

Hey there,

Alright, I’ll admit it straight away – I’m a Wallaby girl. I’ve enjoyed going to the games and being part of the crowd while having no worries about crowd violence or bad behaviour.

I’ve not thought much of soccer because of the violence and the lack of excitement with the rare goals but I did enjoy watching (while quilting) the Australia v Japan in Germany. I surprised even myself with watching it. I even believed they could at least make it a draw, if not a win, even in the last minutes.

But Australian teams are known to have the grit and the guys making up the team play for some of the best club teams in the world so it could of course be possible.

I won’t change from calling it soccer. Rugby is Union, footy is League and AFL is AFL but that just shows where I’m from, nothing else. In Melbourne they call AFL footy so there’s no harm there. 🙂

So go the Socceroos (see, it is even their name, not Footyroos!), get to the next round and be counted.

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