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Vision Board Grew Too Big

I started working with a business coach last year as I was feeling somewhat isolated with my home based business. A heap of good things have been coming out of that (including being part of creative groups and forums online to share) but one interesting project grew too big.

I started with a vision board. I bought a cheap canvas from the craft shop, painted it a golden background color and started collecting images for it. The problem came when the number of pictures looked impossible to fit the board. I was talking about this with my business coach and he darted out the room and came back with a great big scrap book filled with images that have special meanings to him.
The allure of the dark emerald green handcraft encased foil and flower lampwork richness with the fresh aqua blue Czech crystals is striking and captivating.

By using a scrap book ideas can be themed and even entire books can be themed. So I’m now working a general scrap book that covers all areas of my life while I have ideas for specific themes like creative inspiration for jewelry design (no surprises there given my business), crafts and arts in general, family, home and financial freedom.

Another great upside to all of this is that I get to go through my magazine stack(s) and finally get to read and sort through them.

Have you been finding the creative dreams vision board idea working for you or would a scrap book be better? They are also great to do as a family – individually and/or a collective one.


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