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Website Usability and Website Success

Website usability is key to the success of a website – how easy it is to use. Can visitors find what they are looking for?
Are the categories easy to figure out – do they come from the point of view of your site visitor or are they driven by the site owner’s ego?

An example – being the beginning of the TV rating season I wanted to look up when one of my favourite tv series is returning. I know season 2 aired in the UK 8 months ago and I know season 1 made money for the station. So even though they haven’t promoted it yet I thought I could go to their website and find out when it is scheduled for – this season or mid-year season (should I have a friend buy season 2 dvd for me overseas or should I wait patiently – something I’m not good at).

To my frustration the tv station’s website only had info about a few (maybe 6) of their programs, not their full stable of tv series. I bounced around their site getting more and more frustrated with all the marketing for things not part of a tv station programming. Now this is a station who has come out saying they are serious about wanting more market share and they are spending big on sport, news and tv series to capture the audience share.
So as a customer who has fallen for one of their new tv series I found the usability of their website frustrating and the experience ended up confirming my old ideas of the business – that its not very good.

All because I had a negative experience of their website and found it difficult to use.

Yes, I could phone up and ask but to me now, that is another effort on my part when their website should have solved it already for me.

So the usability – how easy it is to use a website – is crucial for the success of the site.

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