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Wedding Day Run Sheet Advice for an easy Timetable

Getting a grasp on how to get ready on the wedding day is so much easier when you have a wedding day timesheet to work to.

So here’s an timesheet to get you started based on preparation at home, a 4pm wedding ceremony followed by a sit-down dinner reception.

7.30 am Bridesmaids arrive at the Bride’s home

8.00 am Hairdresser arrives at the Bride’s home

10.00 am Makeup artist arrives at the Bride’s home

12.00 am Healthy Lunch

1.00 pm Bride dressed first then the Bridesmaids dress

2.00 pm Photographer arrives at the Bride’s home

3.15 pm Bridal Party leaves for the Wedding Ceremony

4.00 pm Wedding Ceremony begins

4.30 pm  Wedding Ceremony ends

5.00 pm Wedding Photographs at specified location

6.30 pm Pre-dinner drinks and guest photographs

7.30 pm Wedding Dinner

8.30 pm Wedding Toasts and Speeches

9.30 pm  Cake Cutting

9.40 pm Bridal Dance followed by wedding guests dancing

10.30 pm Throwing of the Bridal Bouquet

10.45 pm Bride and Groom leave the reception

Things Needing Checking For the Timetable

* make sure you check how much time your photographer needs for the different shots you want as this can change how much time is given in the run sheet

* check the sunset times for your wedding day and location

* if you want a friend to take some preparation photos while the hairdresser and makeup artist are working make sure they know when to arrive

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All the best!


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