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Creative Wedding Favours for Your Artisan Themed Wedding

Celebrating love with flowers and jewellery

A celebration of love

Give your wedding guests the gift of Creativity at your artisan inspired wedding with a wedding bomboniere or wedding favour handcrafted with love.

Our Southern Ice porcelain pendants, ornaments and brooches are crafted in our sunny seaside Sydney studio so you have the perfect gift of creativity for your guests.

With our lace imprint hearts I purposefully have the lace circles off centre to remind us that our hearts get knocked around in life and are still beautiful, are still totally lovable.

Twice kiln fired, worked through over 15 stages to create, these porcelain treasures are each unique and have a beautiful tactical texture to them.

A range of designs, shapes and colours are available and discounts apply for orders over 50 pieces.  Connect with me today to find out more.

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