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What are the American State Gemstones?

Each USA state has a stunning gem stone for a state emblem.

Here is the alphabetical list of states and their gemstones:

Alabama is star blue quartz
Alaska is jade
Arizona is turquoise – naturally!
Arkansas is diamond
California is benitoite
Colorado is aquamarine
Connecticut is garnet
Florida is moonstone for the 1969 moon landings
Georgia is quartz
Hawii is black coral – of course
Idaho is star garnet
Kentucky is ‘fortification ‘ agate
Louisiana is agate
Maine is tourmaline
Massachuesetts is rhodonite
Michigan is chlorastrolite or “greenstone”
Minnesota is petrified wood
Montana is Yogo sapphire
Nebraska is blue agate
Nevada is peridot and Virgin Valley black fire opal
New Hampshire is smoky quartz
New Mexico is turquoise
New York is garnet, black button tourmaline, moonstone
North Carolina is emerald
Oregon is sunstone
South Carolina is amethyst
South Dakota is rose quartz
Tennessee is Tennessee pearl
Texas and Utah are both topaz
Washington is petrified wood
West Virginia is fossilised coral
Wisconsin is ruby
Wyoming is jade

Not all states have a nominated gemstone, some have minerals rather than gemstones.

Beautiful jewelry can be inspired by these gemstones to make unique gift ideas.


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