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What are the Birthstone Gems for each month?

I’m often asked what are the gem stones for the birthday months as they make great gift ideas. So to keep life simple here’s the list for you.

Gemstones for Birthstones List:

January is Garnet
February is Amethyst
March is Aquamarine
April is Diamond
May is Emerald
June is Pearl or Moonstone
July is Ruby
August is Peridot
September is Sapphire
October is Opal or Tourmaline
November is Topaz or Citrine
December is Turquoise or Blue Topaz

The list of birthstones was defined by the American National Association of Jewellers in 1912 as a way to promote the various beautiful gem stones and has been a tremedous success. I make sure I have a range of these captivating gemstones available because people love being able to give meaningful birthday presents.

This Gemstone in Silver Pendant has Peridot for August, Blue Topaz for December, Yellow Topaz for November, Amethyst for February, Moonstone for June, and Garnet for January!

I have gemstone jewelry like this often in my special jewelry sale that is announced in my free monthly email newsletter. All jewelry comes in organza gift bags to make ideal presents.

Celebrate your jewelry!

Best wishes,
Belinda – see our range of costume jewelry and jewelry display stands online

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