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What Australian Films Reflect Australia?

Hey there,

I was talking to a French friend about ANZAC day and suggested she watch “Gallipoli” to get a better idea – it can be difficult sometimes explaining why we commenerate a battle that we lost but it is the getting of nationhood for Australia and New Zealand.

So it got me thinking. What films would you recommend someone from another land watch to get an idea of Australian traits and heritage/history? The idea is so people can go and get them out to watch and learn about us.

I want you to help me out and list the films you think should be on the list – just use the comment button below.

Here’s a start:


Rabbit Proof Fence

The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith

Murial’s Wedding

The Sum of Us

The Lighthorsemen

A Town Like Alice


Breaker Morant

What else do you think? Just use the Comment link below to share with me your movie picks.

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2 Responses to What Australian Films Reflect Australia?

  1. Sara Victoria 23 April 2006 at 1:43 am #

    Hi B,
    Hmm, that’s a hard one, because for different reasons I different film, But I do remember Strickly Ballroom was a bit of a favourite. I especially enjoyed the scene when Barry Otto did his dance around the clothes line. Did you see it, It has been a while since I did.
    There was a recent film too that I thought was good, by Kate, I will think of her last name later, she used to direct the secret life of us.. A film set in the snowy mountain area. Kate Shortland…got it.
    Can’t get the name of the film though, maybe you know the one I mean?

  2. Kelly 23 April 2006 at 1:54 pm #

    I think that you have listed almost all of them! It took me a long while before I could think of another one.

    Anyaway, I did, and I think it’s a wonderful Australian story…. The Man from Snowy River. I think it’s a great snapshot of the Australian way of life from years gone by.

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