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What Limitations Are You Choosing?

What limitations do you want to impose on your life?
A challenging question but it is one we each need to ask ourselves.

A friend of mine had her first child last month and I find it fascinating watching her watch her baby. There is such wonderment and love in her eyes, her face is soft, she smiles gently from deep within and the abundant love she has for her child is there for all to see. I really should take a photo of this so the child can see this love when she is grown and feel safe with it.

So what has this to do with the question of what limitations do you want to place on your life?
This new mother doesn’t want to place any limitations on this precious little one she is so in love with. For anyone we love and care about we don’t want to place limitations on them. We want our loved ones to live full, happy, healthy, complete lives.

So why do we forget to give this gift to ourselves? We need to have as much regard and affection, love and respect for ourselves that we have for our friends and family.

And if we don’t have love and respect, regard and affection for our friends then why are we friends with them?
If we don’t have it with family members then be part of positive change and bring it into your personal relationships within your family. It takes years but do you want to be part of keeping a dysfunctional relationship floundering or do you want to be part of making a dysfunctional relationship healthy?

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