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What Makes a Good Blog?

Hey there

I’ve been wondering what makes a good web log, a good blog?

Is it the topics, the writing, pictures, frequency of entries, fancy features?

I’m coming to the realisation it is all of that but what makes the real difference is what we individually like and are interested in. All very simple really.

It is easy to get the blog looking good with the templates available, ok, comprehension or the ease of reading the content isn’t always the focus of sites (think of all those sites still using black background with light text – just so hard for the eye to read so making understanding what’s been written really hard) but that is easily fixed by selecting a more friendly layout.

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So when you’re working on your blog think about who is your audience, who’s visiting and reading your blog and what do you want to communicate, what are they interested by and why?

Just go for it!



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