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What Matters When Designing Jewelry

Hey there,

 I don’t talk or write too much about designing because I feel that when I do I get a little too carried away with it and unless you know what it is like to be caught up in the flow of creating then you’ll find me a little obsessive.

 Whether I’m obsessive or not doesn’t really matter. I really shouldn’t be too concerned what people think of me when I’m talking about being in the flow of designing but I am aware that I can easily talk too much and that I need to be more aware of the body language of customers and not to overwhelm them with too much enthusiasm for my work.

 You see, I normally get into conversations about designing with customers at market. It is usually about the Limited Edition range or the long wrap around lariat necklaces where I have my most creative freedom. I freestyle design my lariat necklaces so I really do need to be in the flow with them. The designs just can’t work if I’m jangley or stumbling. I need to be happy and to let myself be happy.

 I’ve learnt not to design when I’m upset or concerned about things either. I need to be aware of my feelings and needs, I need to eat well, exercise; I need balance really. And that’s where I see conflict. When I talk about design I’m passionate and forward. When I’m creating a design in my mind’s eye I’m anything but balanced but the design comes out balanced. I don’t get that.

 I know that feeling inside of be creative juices flowing and trusting the designs and the results. Fortunately I’m not a perfectionist. I have the freedom to explore and test, to create and change. I am particular about details but I have learnt through my quilting attempts to relax into the understanding of the saying “only in God is there perfection”. So that gives me liberty to explore. 

Here’s an example of a freestyle designed long wrap around lariat necklace:

 Freestyle Designed Long Wrap Around Lariat Necklace

So when you want to explore creating and designing let yourself be in a happy and relaxed mood. Don’t worry about perfection. Don’t get worried about starting. Just give it a go and see what happens. So what if it isn’t exactly what you had in mind, it is what has come about. If you want to change it, change it. See what happens. But remember to be kind to yourself and explore.

 What matters with designing is giving it a go!

Keep smiling and designing,

 PS. Tell me your stories about how you feel when you’re designing or creating (writing?).

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