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What to Say to a Friend In Need

I’m a fan of the Richard Fiddler Conversation Hour on ABC local radio and today featured Elizabeth Gould, a breast cancer survivor who has written a book called “Secrets of Cancer Survivors – A book for Cancer Survivors, Family and Friends”.

I found Elizabth’s advice on what to say to friends and family who are going through cancer or other serious life changing experiences to be informative and useful so thought to share them here:
* call to simply say I was thinking of you
* talk about normal things so your friend has a normal conversation and it isn’t all about the cancer (certainly do ask how she is so you know where’s she’s at so you know if it’s a good time to call)
* ask her advice – again, another feature of normality

Elizabeth also found the kindness of strangers really beneficial with little things like someone saying her lipstick looked lovely that made her feel really good that they didn’t comment on her wig or sallow skin tones due to chemo. So it is the little things that make the positive difference.

I think this book would make a great Christmas of Thinking of You present for someone coming through the otherside of chemo and cancer and I’m sure your local bookshop could order it in for you.

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