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What's so good about Yoga?

Hey there,

This month marks 12 months since I’ve started doing Yoga each week – sometimes once, sometimes 2 or 3 times a week and I’ve really enjoyed it.

Having quit smoking I’ve found it really good to help clear my lungs and improve my breathing. It has given good shape to my arms – no more flabby arms for this little chickedee – and built strength in my legs.

Yoga is about strength and flexibility rather than rapid weight loss. To loose the pounds you need to get the heart rate up. There are different types of Yoga that have a faster pace and are done in hot rooms so you get the heart rate up to drop the weight – something to explore!

When I was exploring the different types of yoga I found the names confusing and daunting and used that as an excuse not to start. Don’t worry about the names – figure out what you want from it and find a location for it. For students who have study stress you want a focus on breathing, stretching and meditation – this works for most anyone really!

Other desired results can be strength, flexibility, endurance, clearing lungs from smoking, balance, good skin and clear eyes, better posture and relaxation.

I still think after 12 months as myself as a beginner as it will be a life long habit for me now.

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