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What's the Buzz on the Emmys?

The Emmys are causing a heap of attention this year and the Yahoo Buzz most popular searches listed by category – this isn’t the actual results, these are the results if be the order of it all if based on searches! 

Buzz Lead Actor, Comedy
Newbie nominee Charlie Sheen got a lot of attention for his offscreen disentanglements.

  1. Charlie Sheen (“Two and a Half Men“)
  2. Kevin James (“King of Queens“)
  3. Steve Carell (“The Office“)
  4. Larry David (“Curb Your Enthusiasm“)
  5. Tony Shalhoub (“Monk“)

Buzz Lead Actress, Comedy
Three out of the five nominees won’t be coming back in a regular TV gig. Of all the sympathy votes, Debra Messing scores in her swan season as the neurotic and needy Grace.

  1. Debra Messing (“Will & Grace“)
  2. Lisa Kudrow (“The Comeback“)
  3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“The New Adventures of Old Christine“)
  4. Stockard Channing (“Out of Practice“)
  5. Jane Kaczmarek (“Malcolm in the Middle“)

Buzz Lead Actress, Drama
Mariska Hargitay had the Jennifer Garner advantage in her favor, and searchers checked her condition frequently.

  1. Mariska Hargitay (“Law and Order: SVU“)
  2. Geena Davis (“Commander in Chief“)
  3. Kyra Sedgwick (“Closer“)
  4. Allison Janney (“West Wing“)
  5. Frances Conroy (“Six Feet Under“)

Buzz Lead Actor, Drama
Why wouldn’t a man who has saved the world from nuclear annihilation, poisonous gases, and a renegade American president be search-worthy?

  1. Kiefer Sutherland (“24“)
  2. Christopher Meloni (“Law and Order: SVU“)
  3. Peter Kraus (“Six Feet Under“)
  4. Martin Sheen (“West Wing“)
  5. Denis Leary (“Rescue Me“)

Buzz Outstanding Variety Show
Will an upset have the protege surpass the master?

  1. Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  2. Real Time with Bill Maher
  3. Colbert Report
  4. Late Night with Conan O’Brien
  5. Late Night With David Letterman

Buzz Outstanding Reality Competition
If they gave out just one Emmy, “American Idol” would be taking her home.

  1. “American Idol”
  2. Survivor
  3. Dancing with the Stars
  4. Amazing Race
  5. Project Runway

Buzz Outstanding Drama
No getting “Lost” this year, so the contest boils down to hospital soap operatics or a day in the life of a man who never needs the restroom during a crisis.

  1. “Grey’s Anatomy”
  2. “24”
  3. The Sopranos
  4. “West Wing”
  5. House

Buzz Outstanding Comedy
Arrested Development” garnered the respect of critics and searchers, but even a last-ditch “Will you be my girlfriend, Charlize” couldn’t arrest the audience.

  1. “Arrested Development”
  2. Scrubs
  3. “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
  4. “Two and a Half Men”
  5. “The Office”

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