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What's the ideal necklace length?

Hey there,

As a maker of jewelry I find choosing the length of necklaces to be a little challenging sometimes.

I use to be very specific about making necklaces 16″ (40cm) long but I found I really didn’t like that length for myself and I had a lot of requests to make longer necklaces.

So I started making longer beaded necklaces from 18″ – 26″ as more people are happy to have longer necklaces and it is easy for me to shorten them on the spot if requested.

With my pearl necklaces I have a few different ranges from the floating pearl necklaces that are 17″- 20″ while I also have the rope length (40″ plus) pearl necklaces.

So I think the length of necklaces is very important and I think having a beaded necklace at a very comfortable length for you is vital.

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