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What's the Value of Site Traffic?

Hey there,

I’ve been having some interesting conversations lately about site traffic with other business operators. It can be really easy to get excited about increased site traffic but is that what really matters?

It really depends on the purposes of the website. If the site is purely for promoting information then that can be all that’s needed. But if the site is to result in sales the then value of the site traffic is directly linked to sales.

It is no use spending valuable money on having loads of traffic but no improvement in sales. If you spend money it must make money for you.

If you have lots more site traffic but not more sales then the people visitings aren’t the right audience or the site isn’t structured in a way to generate sales. You need traffic that is right for your business so figure out who they are and communicate with them. And that’s the tricky bit. 🙂

So efforts and money spent on site traffic needs to be reflected in sales.

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