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What's Your Attitude?

Hey there,

I was talking with my cousin the other evening and found myself stumbling in surprise in the conversation about a simple difference in attitude. I mentioned that I was next getting ready my wholesale kit to go see some wholesale customers the next day and her response was “These things are sent to trial us”. I didn’t know what to do with that – I was looking forward to catching up with my customers (lovely people I like talking with anyway) and getting the income from the sales.

But all it is about is seeing life in a different way. To me preparing for income is a very rewarding activity. But my cousin didn’t see it that way, she saw it as having to do work in the evening and that was a bad thing to her.

I’m actually still confused by it. Without customers I don’t have a business and then I would need to return to the Rat Race and earn my money that way. I really like my life and what I do this way. I love being out of the Rat Race.

So what’s this all about? It’s about attitude. If you see being proactive as being a trial then it will be and you’ll stay where you are. If you see it as a good thing that you want to do, that brings positive change then it will bring positive change and you’ll enjoy it.

So have a look at the attitudes in your life – yours, family and friends – and see what value they are adding. Are they part of Positive Change or not? If you want to change then consider programs like NLP or a Life Coach. Either way, your attitude is your choice.

Dragonflies represent Positive Change – have what you want to be in your life around in your daily life!



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