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When Is Enough, Enough?

Again I brought home another craft book. My bookshelves are busting and I’m sure I have enough but I see a craft book in the shop and can’t help myself, ‘maybe there will be something else in it that I don’t know that I can learn’ goes the line of thought.

Of course I only read some of the books, I never get through cover to cover with all of them. I have with a few beloved copies and those are the gems that keep me going back and getting more.

I tell myself because I have a creative business that the company can buy the books and they are good for inspiration – both true and valid points (and I use for fashion magazines too) but I’m getting to have too many of them (if possible). Looking at them now in the bookcase next to my desk I think there are a lot there but surely that isn’t too many, surely they are there to give joy and this they do.

When is enough, enough?

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