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When Tasmania Calls in Your Dreams

As I start focusing on making sure I have enough stock for two x four day shows in Tasmania I find this beautiful island is calling me in my dreams, again.

I’ve been to Tasmania 10 times now, attending the Tasmanian Craft Fair for six years in Deloraine and this year I’ll be exhibiting at the Royal Hobart Show for the first time. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the south of the island a bit better.

Catching up with my artist and artisan friends down there is also really important to me. Being around other like minded creative creatures within a very supportive creative community makes the world of difference.

I always make sure I have specials for the Tasmanian Craft Fair as well as new designs so I’ll be doing the same in Hobart – all I’m worried about is being able to make enough of my little treasures to take to Tassie and have ready for The Rocks Markets as friends are helping me out and running my stall (bless ’em!).

So it’s a few long making days ahead as it usually takes about 7 weeks from bag of clay to market stall and each piece is handled about 22 times.

While I love making, and I do go a little nuts if I’m not making, I find my adventures in Tasmania are perfect for renewing my inner well of inspiration. So I thought I’d share some of my photos from my last trip.

The Inspiring Tarkine Wilderness

I love the wildness of the Tarkine and have fallen for the rugged coast around Arthur River.

Belinda in her adventure shoes at Arthur River

Australia Island at Arthur River

A family of rare birds on a Tarkin beach

A family of rare birds

These little birds run really fast and are tiny! There have been times where I’ve worn myself out trying to run around them at a distance trying not to disturb them but they kept racing a head of me, completely defeating my attempts to be considerate of them. Now I just take it slowly and let them get use to me. They are quite hilarious to watch scamper around though! You might find them easier to get to at the Narawntapu National Park in the central north of Tasmania.

Wild beaches of the Tarkine in North West Tasmania

Wild beaches of the Tarkine


This rusting old tractor captures my imagination and I must have taken over a dozen photos of it.

Camera to Paints

My digital camera was bought with hiking in mind and has a really intense zoom lense – 28mm to 700mm from memory. It lets me photograph all manner of animals without intruding on their space and I love it.

Last trip I took my watercolour paints and pencils with the intention of doing some plein air sketches but I packed too much and overwhelmed myself. So this year I am thinking I’ll need to find a different approach. Of course my beloved camera will come with me but I want to add to the mix. I think I’ll thoroughly enjoy the research!

So maybe my Tasmanian dreams next year will include pictures of paintings as well as snapshots of rolling hills and sparkling beaches.

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